A New Way to Cut Your College Costs

Cox Collegiate Planners understands that the old way of planning for college doesn’t serve today’s students and families. Our services take a holistic approach to your student’s goals and your family’s resources, making smart choices along the way in regards to both savings and loan management. It’s never too late to have a conversation about how to cut your college costs.

Meet Melissa Cox

Melissa Anne Cox, CFP®, has been in your shoes. Melissa was once a student and knows what it’s like to save for college only to still have to work to pay back student loan debt. Today, Melissa is a mom saving for her own child’s future, and she is passionate about helping others do the same.

Melissa graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from The University of Texas at Arlington.  She is a trusted Certified Financial Planner™ and has helped hundreds of families achieve the financial milestone of paying for college.

For over 15 years Melissa has specialized in helping families just like yours cut the cost of college. Combining smart savings strategies with reasonable borrowing, Melissa can create a plan that’s right for you or your child. When student loans are needed, as they often are, Melissa will take a holistic view of your finances to help you choose the right product that won’t jeopardize long-term goals or retirement.

Melissa is a native Dallas Texan, where she resides with her husband, daughter, and Jack Russell Terrier. When Melissa isn’t helping families manage their college savings and loan programs, she is a triathlete and enjoys competing in Ironman events.  Melissa completed her 5th Half Ironman distance race of 70.3 miles just a year after the birth of her daughter!

With more than a decade of financial planning experience at Fetterman Investments, Inc., Melissa launched Cox Collegiate Planners to provide even more individualized service for students and families preparing for college. Contact Melissa Cox to learn how you can cut the cost of college today.

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