Financial Coaching for College Students

Why Financial Coaching

Financial coach, Melissa Cox CFP®, provides students with guidance on building healthy financial habits for the future. Many students graduate college with both student loan debt and unhealthy financial habits. As Graduates begin their job and earn paychecks, money management might not be at the top of their minds, and often “lifestyle creep” takes over, over time.

Financial Coaches Build Healthy Financial Habits

As a financial coach, Melissa Cox CFP,  can help your student develop healthy financial habits by teaching your student about managing their finances.  The goal of a financial coach is to show your student how to balance saving for the future with paying for wants and needs. By saving for retirement early in life, students can be more prepared for their future.

How Financial Coaching Works

Financial Coaching provides your student with actionable guidance on a one on one basis, or between the student and their spouse. Melissa seeks to understand the extent of a students financial knowledge, and then builds a tailored program to help students set and reach financial goals while building a thorough understanding of money management.

Overwhelmed by student loan debt?