Planning Your Child's College Journey

Melissa Anne Cox CFP® CFSLA

Congratulations! You have made the decision to start planning now for your child’s successful future. It is never too early to start planning and I am here to assist you and your family so we can create a plan that does not mean you have to sacrifice your lifestyle or financial goals.

Yet, as exciting this as decision is, it can be extremely stressful.

Can we afford college tuition? What about fees and living expenses? What types of schools are best for my child? Where do I begin to figure this all out?

About Cox Collegiate Planners and Melissa Cox CFP®

My name is Melissa Anne Cox CFP®, the founder of Cox Collegiate Planners. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with over fifteen years’ experience, a graduate of the University of Texas and know first hand what it is like to have to pay for college based on personal experience. In addition, I am a parent and thinking ahead about college for my children, so I come from a place of both personal and professional experience.  

Looking at personal experiences as well as others, I realized that planning for college needed an entire overhaul, and that is what I am doing.

I am passionate about working with families to help you actively plan a way to achieve the college dreams of your children without bankrupting your family. It is certain that together we can find a school that will meet your child’s educational goals and your financial needs. With careful planning, we can “shop smarter” and work together to make a way forward for you to eliminate the guesswork and stress from the process.

This is the sole reason for Cox Collegiate Planners: There is a better way to approach college financing that goes beyond the numbers. I view each student, each family holistically, so we not only create a realistic financial plan, but we also look at what colleges or universities best meet your family’s needs.

We discuss your family’s individual situation and explore questions such as: what schools offer the best financial aid packages for your child and why this differs from school to school? What size or type of college is best for your child and your budget? What if my son or daughter wants to attend private school? What do colleges cost now and do I have to take on debt to get my child through by the time they are ready to graduate high school? My child is planning on graduate school, does that matter now?

Current College Planning Statistics

Let’s look at the current 2020 student debt numbers to better explain why planning ahead is essential:

  • The total of student loan debt in the United States is $1.56 trillion.
  • The average individual student loan debt is $37,132 per student.
  • Student loan debt is the second largest debt, only behind mortgage debt.
  • Only three years ago, the average individual student loan debt was $32,600.00.
  • That is an increase of almost $5,000.00 per student in only three years.

Based on current forecasts, these numbers are likely to increase.

The Goal of Cox Collegiate Planners


That is why I am here to assist you. My goal is to help you plan, save, and find the best resources for your family. Paying for a college education does not have to force you into a large amount of debt and frustration. You do not want to send your child to college, only for them to graduate with so much debt that they cannot afford a mortgage and are forced to spend a large portion of their monthly income repaying their loans.

However, there is a lot more than finances that go into this process. Working with with you directly, we can ensure that we find the college that will provide the best education and college experience for your child. Paying for college is one issue, but matching your child to a school that best meets their needs, while taking into account their future goals is also part of the equation.

I look at each student and family individually. The goal is to remove the stress and guesswork. Together we can help your child find the best school for them that enables your family to continue to live, save, and enjoy your lifestyle.

The Benefit of Working with Cox Collegiate Planners

We can plan ahead using a multi-faceted approach to forecast tuition and all of the additional costs. Because all those pieces matter as we begin this process. It is genuinely possible, even in the face of rising tuition costs, to plan ahead so you or your child do not assume a large amount of debt to make their dreams come true,

Let’s work together as a team so I can guide your family and we can assure your child’s success so that their dreams do not bankrupt their future. And so that your family can continue to flourish and enjoy the lifestyle you have created.

Planning for college is no longer optional, it is essential. Let’s ensure your child's future is as bright as it should be because all of your family has worked hard to get your child to this point.

Know that it is my privilege to assist you in this process. I look forward to meeting you and your family and working together to create the best future for your child and your family. Together, we can do this...

Give me a call and let's create a plan for your child's future.

Melissa Anne Cox CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is also a College Planning and Student Loan Advisor, and Financial Coach in Dallas, Texas.

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